Go from Newbie to Digital Marketing Pro in a 2-week intensive hybrid bootcamp!

Are you ready to take the first step to reaching your potential and become a World Class Marketer?
The complete step by step blueprint to become a world class Digital Marketer. Get mentored from the best, with a mix of the latest proven tactics, tools and strategies that are working right now.
What Does...

Reaching Your Potential

Mean To You...?

The world has changed. 

Right now, more than ever, we need the right strategies…

The connections… The audience… And the motivation to get ahead of the curve..

The pandemic has forced every business to market online and this has created the biggest new opportunity for Digital Marketers in the past decade. 

But it's only the people who know how to market a business digitally and how to work in a remote or virtual team that won't get left behind.

This is the time. YOUR time!

The Secret to Succeeding as a Digital Marketer... learning how to Attract, Convert & Accelerate™
Key Numbers You Need To Know


Linkedin ranked 'Digital Marketing Specialist' as the 6th 'Most in-demand job role' in the world this year...out of a total of 706 MILLION professions..

..with 806,000 Digital Marketing job openings right now!

Source: Linkedin


90% of Startups fail. 

The #1 biggest cause of failure is not enough customers.

Learn the Digital Marketing Secrets of the 10% that survive.

Source: Forbes


Average salary for Digital Marketing Manager in the U.S.

Not based in the U.S? Well you don't need to be as most job openings are now Remote!

Source: Glassdoor

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is Yes!

Do you have the perfect business idea or passion project but simply don't know where to start?
Do you want to transition into a role in digital marketing & growth?
Are you a business owner who want to sharpen the skills of your Marketing Team?
Are you an experienced pro looking to upgrade their skills and future proof your career?
You have never 'fitted in' to the conventional way to do things?
Are you an entrepreneur who wants to scale their business and see results?
Are you a recent graduate who needs to obtain practical skills to secure your dream job?
Are you a small business owner who needs to launch online?
If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then this program is for you!

So, Here Is How It Works...

The Digital Marketing Accelerator is a 'no talk, all action' Program that balances 'learning' and 'doing'.  It's flexible enough to fit an ambitious entrepreneurial life and commitments, but we will keep you motivated and mentor you to reach the finish line.     

We'll teach you our unique 9 Step Digital Marketing Acceleration System™, that will give you the clarity & confidence in what you need to do & when to do it. To win.

You will never be the same person again.

Follow the Growth Velocity Academy 9 Step Digital Marketing Acceleration System™, that shows you how to Acquire, Activate and Accelerate your customers, career and your growth. 
This system has helped us acquire 21,353,437 users, generate 8 figure revenue, raise $5m+ VC funding and 2x exits.

Get Future Proofed™ 

"You don't learn how to drive a car by reading about it. You need to get behind the wheel and turn on the engine, with the an expert instructor by your side, and finally... you must step on the accelerator yourself!"

(favourite saying of) Howard Kingston


The Digital Marketing Accelerator is a new online learning experience! It applies a groundbreaking methodology designed to help you make tangible progress and stay engaged in a virtual environment!

The Program includes:
Need more information before you make a decision?
Let's break it down and get into the details ...

This is what you get:

  • 9 Step Digital Marketing Acceleration System™, our accelerator program that shows you how to Acquire, Activate and Accelerate any business
  • Get mentored by the world's best. Your mentor will 
  • ​Twice a week live group coaching sessions to keep you unstuck, motivated and moving forward
  • Membership to the private GVA Tribe™ a global tribe that will celebrate your wins with you
  • ​A certificate in Digital Marketing Essentials upon completion of the programme 
  • ​ Three month membership to the programme so you can complete the program at your own pace, and benefit from coaching sessions and the support of your Tribe

Who is this best for:

“The Entrepreneur”
You've got you own company or are ready to launch a killer idea.

2023 is the year you will attract new customers, and grow your business to new heights.
“The Career Transitioner”
You're stuck in a career / job you hate and you want to make a change.
You want 2023 to be the year you make this  "vision" phase, to reality.

“The Marketer”
You're a Marketer but you know you still have more to give.

Maybe it's that your skills are a bit outdated or maybe it's that you want a more exciting business.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Other Have Said About Their Experience 
WARNING: The Mastermind Is Limited To Only 100 People (33 People In Each Group) 92 96 Spots Already Gone
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You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great.” 
– Zig Ziglar

Meet your mentor:


Howard Kingston is the founder of Growth Velocity Academy. He is a renowned Marketer, Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker.

He’s had a successful career in the Digital Advertising space, he co-founded Adludio, the mobile advertising company that creates mobile advertising for 100+ Fortune 500 brands including Nike, Unilever, and Sony. TechCrunch named Adludio ‘Best Marketing company in Europe’ at the TechCrunch Europa awards 2016. Prior to this he launched a groundbreaking app that grew to 20M users in 2yrs and won a Gold Cannes Lion for innovation.

He is also the founding Digital Marketing lead for General Assembly in Europe. He has coached over 2,000 entrepreneurs to grow their skills and their businesses over the past 5 years.

Howard has an MBA from Durham University, 1st class Marketing degree, and sits on the Durham University Business School Advisory Board. In his spare time he’s an amateur farmer, traveler, triathlete. His life goal is to travel to space.

Meet our coaches:

Meet the coaches:

Prerna Prasad
Digital Marketer and Product Manager, Prerna has a unique perspective that combines digital data-driven solutions with a passion for design.  She is a creative visionary specializing in branding, concept design, project management and design implementation across digital platforms.

Nadia Lahham
Nadia is a tenacious senior marketing and consulting professional with over 20 years of experience. Her expertise lies in strategy design, project management, and execution of marketing initiatives in the B2B and B2C sectors. Nadia is now the CEO and founder of Idea Consult ( and has worked with brands like Dell, Air Canada, and Microsoft.
Atefeh Khajeh
An award-winning Marketing Manager with over 15 years of international experience, Atefeh holds a Masters in Marketing Communication, and is
certified in Digital Marketing and Personal Training. Atefeh has a particular interests in goal oriented results, customer acquisition (revenue) and corporate
strategies, but is equally experienced in tech and tools.

Get Future Proofed™

Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION And Invest in Your Future
Learn the latest Digital Marketing Tools, used by the world's fastest growing businesses.

From paid acquisition to advanced competitive analysis to data mining, becoming a master of the tools is a critical part of becoming a world class Digital Marketer.
You'll get hands on expertise on the best tools in the market.

As well as how to run, or work in, a global remote first company.

WHAT We Need To Know:...

  • How to ATTRACT an audience using the latest digital channels (FB, Insta, Google, SEO & more)
  • ​How to CONVERT visitors into buyers for our products and services online…
  • ​How to ACCELERATE using Data driven decision
  • ​How to find our VOICE, and get our message of the things we’re most passionate about out to the world... 
  • How to build deeper relationships with our audience
  • ​How to ADJUST to the new economy.
  • BONUS #1: Your Best Year Ever Worksheets
  • BONUS #2: The SMART Goal Template


warning: the Digital Marketing Accelerator
is not for everyone...

Our top students are the ones who believe that learning is a never-ending process.
So if you're ready to learn, improve your skills and knowledge, learn from industry experts and work hard to achieve your goals... This is for you!

Remember, we have limited seats available, we will not be able to accept everyone, so if you're up for it. save your spot now!

Here’s A Recap Of

Everything You’ll Get

When You join the Digital Marketing Accelerator

  • A comprehensive online course in Digital Marketing Essentials 
  • Twice a week live group coaching sessions to check your work and discuss next steps
  • Membership to the programme's online group where you can meet your Tribe
  • ​​A certificate in Digital Marketing Essentials upon completion of the programme
  • 3 month membership to the programme so you can complete the 30 day curriculum at your own pace, and benefit from coaching sessions and the support of your Tribe

Are You Ready to Level Up?

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.
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